Inspections "Plus"? True, everyone will need an inspection, but what's the "Plus" for?

Straight talk, fair price. Just like in the good old days.

Out front Joe is pumping gas. No, Joe is not a customer, he work's here.

Inside, owner Randy hooks up his sensors and checks the results against the database on his state-of-the-art HP Pavilion monster under his crowded but well organized desk. He stops to explain in plain English what is needed to a customer whose Chevy is up on the rack. A fan whirs, the mood is calm.

This is the kind of old-fashioned service meeting high-tech results that puts the "Plus" in Inspections "Plus."

Yes, we do inspections (at a more reasonable rate than others in this area). But what we really take pride in is the "Plus."

And, ultimately, the "Plus" is you, our customer.


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